Design by: Bogusław Zdanowicz

Carved elements

Catalogues of carved elements to download:

The company ARTEX is commercial and industrial association. Our main direction is manufacture of decorative carved elements from wood. Our products are made from several species of tree. The assortment of our production includes a plenty of art elements, which can be used in design of interiors and exteriors, and also semi finished items for manufacture of furniture. We offer constant availability of products in our warehouse. There is a possibility to purchase in individual quantities. All elements of the warehouse program are made from wood of poplar.

In the production program there is a possibility to order elements from wood of poplar, alder and oak. The minimum order is 20-50 identical elements. Terms of manufacturing are 4-8 weeks. Please contact us, to receive our catalogue of all industrial assortment. We consider system of individual orders under your drawings and sketches. The minimum quantities to order are more than 50 elements. Terms of manufacturing are 6 weeks. After coordination with you, the elements can be included in the warehouse program.

We hope for the future cooperation.